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Mania, my dear, your white

is now gray. Your light fades

and you send me off to

another place. Everything is black.


Depression, my darling, your black

swallows me. Your ebony sparks

a flame in my gut, and I scream

for mercy. You are trapped inside 

my head; you are part of me.


Insanity, my love, you’re calling me,

and I reach for you,

as you hide your skeletons and

avoid spilling blood. I wait for an

opportunity to begin our affair -

your lips seem to be rather enticing


Reality, my friend, you’re no longer enticing

to me. The sense you give is not

genuine. You project a word

of uncertainty. I have been used

by you. I have no way to describe

you. You make me sick; I hate you


Hope, my foe, I have no use for you

and your games. I have always left

the bad behind, but you follow me

everywhere. I am here, hanging

from a cliff, and you just walk by

again. I thought I could survive for a

moment, but you snipped my last thread.


Created: Jan 02, 2012

Tags: hope, mania, depression, insanity, crazy, reality

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