The Little Cardinal (Short Story)

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Once there was a little cardinal who wasn't very good at anything in particular. The little cardinal wasn't very good at flying nor could he sing very well. His feathers weren't very bright and his beak was somewhat crooked. But this little cardinal had a heart as pure as gold. Never did he tell a lie, nor did he ever break a promise, nor did he ever betray a friend. Unfortunately, his heart was to be stolen.


The little cardinal fell in love with a beautiful dove. The dove was an excellent flyer and sang such beautiful melodies that other birds couldn't help but stop to listen. She had snow white feathers and a gorgeous beak. The stunning dove was admired by many birds, but the little cardinal loved her most of all. This is why when spring came he did not rest until he found the perfect seed to give to her as a token of his love.


The little cardinal flew as far as his wings would take him and then inspected hundreds of seeds laying on the ground. The seed had to be absolutely perfect: colourful, smooth, and completely round. After looking for weeks, flying for miles, and reviewing thousands of tiny seeds, the little cardinal had finally found the perfect one. The seed was jet black with a bright, crimson circle adorning its center. The little cardinal, very pleased that all of his hard work had payed off, popped the seed in his mouth and hurried home to present it to his love.


To his dismay, however, the dove had already chosen a mate. Her choice it seemed, was the perfect match for her; a strong, talented, beautiful hawk. The little cardinal was crushed. Regardless of how much he loved her and how much time he had spent looking for the perfect seed for her, she easily forgot him. But all was not lost, for just as he had been searching for the perfect seed for the dove, so too had a little hummingbird been searching for him.


This little hummingbird couldn't fly very straight and was practically tone deaf. What's more, her feathers were dull and her beak was crooked. But as soon as he laid eyes on her, the cardinal fell in love with the flawed bird. He felt foolish for loving the dove when his one true love had so clearly been before him the entire time. The cardinal gave her the seed, and the two birds fell in love, content with the hidden beauty of one another's imperfections.

Created: Jan 02, 2012


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