Thank You. (a poem)

By horrorshock666

I’m scared to cry for fear my eyes will rot and start to rust.
I’m scared to die for knowing that my body turns to dust.
I’m scared of living all alone, yet in no-one I trust.
I look for love and in the end; it all comes down to lust.

This thought I have inside my head, it’s fragile but it’s real
And if I smile I fear these thoughts no longer be concealed.
Yet maybe all these things I think are simply just unreal,
Because when I look at others, I guess I have a better deal.

But does it make it any less if what I feel is one big test?
And can I say it’s all a lie, when I feel it in my chest?
I have so much to be thankful for, and yet I don’t feel blessed,
I’m just another twig, like you, built up into a nest.

I get by in this single life, just trying to relate,
Yet words are jumbled, misunderstood, it’s hard to just translate,
But could it be it’s all just one big temporary state?
I have no hope, no future. I don’t believe in fate.

It’s down to me to change the things I think and what I do,
When I look back I see the pain, but with that pain I grew,
Maybe I will never wave goodbye to thoughts that make me blue,
But one thing I will always say... is thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you for the kindness, the words you speak to me,
Thank you for the love you send, and giving it for free,
Thank you for the truth, and for the things which make me see,
That I can overcome this pain, and that’s a guarantee.

Thank you for inspiring me, for giving me the air,
to which I can blow life into this heart that didn't care.
Thank you for the hope you give, the love and art you share,
Thank you, pure and simple. Thank you... that I swear.

Thank You. (a poem)

Created: Mar 15, 2010


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