A Blot Story (Short Story)

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Once upon a time in a sketchbook far, far away, there was a little blue boy. This boy lived in a world that was completely blue. Everyhting he saw, touched, tasted, smelled, and heard was blue. The little blue boy lived happily in this world of blue for a very long time. But one day, he began to grow very weary of the colour. Everything was blue! The world was boring and redundant and had absolutely no imagination. The little blue boy did not complain, however, as he knew very well that there were ink blots on scrap paper that were far less fortunate than he. The boy merely continued to live in his dull world of blue, silently resenting everything around him. Nothing ever changed, until one day when he saw something amazing. The blue boy was standing around, not doing much of anything, when suddenly from the top of the page fell a bright red dot. This red dot fell faster and faster towards the bottom of the page until it was right in front of the boy. The mysterious blot of ink then turned into a person, a little red girl! The little blue boy was shocked and thrilled. The girl was something exciting and new and creative! He immediately fell in love with her, and to his surprise, she had fallen in love with him as well. The little red girl thought that the boy was as exciting and new as he thought her. She had never before seen the colour blue, after all. They held each others hands and their love for one another turned the entire world into a new colour: purple.

Created: Jan 01, 2012


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