Journey of a RECord - SXSW Bumper

By clabwag

When I saw RegularJOE's video asking for bumpers for SXSW I decided I was going to be part of it, no matter what. The fact it was around 5-something in the morning would suggest it to be an unfulfilled promise, but before I slipped into much-needed sleep I scribbled down my tangled thoughts.
In 24 hours (or there-abouts) my idea was fully realised, which is a first for procrastinator me; from concept, to storyboard, to frantically filming before I lost light, to deciding to forego sleep to get the thing edited together - completely aware I wouldn't finish it otherwise. Huge props to Punch for the music, which I was so lucky to find.
It's silly, it's probably been done, and I'm probably going to regret this when I get to school; but this is my interpretation of what goes on here at, as someone who is pretty new to this whole thing. You can tell I'm new by the fact I'm rambling on still, I suppose...

Journey of a RECord - SXSW Bumper

Created: Mar 14, 2010

Tags: journey, sxsw, clabwag

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