Freedom of Speech- Poem

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Freedom of Speech 

The ability to choose when to speak is powerful
But the freedom can be taken away, it's almost indescribable
Women told to stay at home, because they're a source of temptation 
They have their right taken away and put on procrastination. 

Society is like a flower that is fed,
You continuously feed and you'll find it dead,
So I guess a moment of silence is in order, 
Not temporarily, but eternally.

Just being able to speak is subverted, 
Not knowing the pain and hurt that is created, 
What we are told is manipulated and annihilated.

'Power to the people' is nothing but bee-ess 
The only power we have is putting money into their pockets
We see light and we see day, but the only thing we don't see is our right to say.

To be able to speak is a God given talent, 
We don't recognize that we’re stars we are blinded and choose to be violent, 
Freedom of speech is not self explanatory 
Coz if it was then why do we have to pay with our lives just for telling our version of the story? 
The world has eyes, it can see but it's not looking, 
The world has ears, it can hear but it's not listening 
We shouldn't go on a hiatus I'm just saying 
Coz practice what you preach coz freedom of speech is a given

Created: Jan 01, 2012


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