A Prologue

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       The long dark cavernous hallways of the castle’s southern wing echoed with the anguish filled screams of a pain-ridden woman. Inside of a large circular room, the castle’s resident midwife, Lady Katherine Chase and her assistant had gathered around an extravagant bed, in which lied a shrieking woman clutching anxiously to ropes that were tightly tied to her four poster bed, her lower body drenched in blood. Katherine had stationed herself at the foot of the bed and was staring into the depths of the messy sheets. “Your Majesty, milady? The child is coming your Majesty!! I can see the head! I need you to relax and push! Push your highness!” The sweat-drenched woman’s face panted and heaved as it contorted in pain.

            “Get….it…..out……now!” The Queen yelled. Her eyes glinted, showing her pain. Her body seized and gave a mighty push. The sound of a small cry let loose and smiles broke on the faces of the people around.

            “Your Majesty, its here! The child is here! So, beautiful….” The midwife crooned, cradling the small child as she whisked it to the small tub sitting nearby to wash it clean, all the while gazing upon it as if it were her own beloved young. The Queen glanced up at her servant as she collapsed exhausted against the lacey silk pillows.

            “Well?” she whispered quietly. “What is it?” Her voice sounded weak and feeble, but the silence in the room was deafening. She gathered together her strength and pushed herself up from the bed. Her power oozed from every pore as she drew her body up. “What is it Katherine?” She commanded, her eyes darting around the room. The midwife slowly turned, fear written across her face, still snuggling the warm baby to her chest in an attempt to shield it from the anger of its mother.

            “Lorna,” Katherine whispered to her assistant. “Leave. I will handle this. Go spread the word that Queen has an heir.” The assistant fled the room and far away, church bells began to ring, signifying that Queen Margaret had finally given birth to an heir.



Created: Jan 01, 2012


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