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My name is Jared. My music is not busy. I like to think of it as taking my time to fully experience what the songs' movement comes out as. If you like what you hear, tell me. I would enjoy hearing from you.

I love listening to different mixes other people come up with especially when it is something I have personally been involved within. This particular song that I am pointing out in the reference link above is about a time in my life when I was just relaxed. The lyrics I wrote go a little something like this. "When I dream I see things, when I dream I see things." Not to say I see things while I am literally dreaming but that I see things quite differently than that of most people. So theoretically speaking if I say I am seeing things while I dream, what makes you think I'm not speaking about, "daydreaming." Really and truly my main point and purpose of the song was to make a statement of claiming to view things differently. Almost upside down rather than right side up. Curse of the creative mind. It goes on and on and on and on and on.....

Created: Jan 01, 2012


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