The Zeppelin Zoo - V1 (Visual Cut)

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Righto! Here we have Version 1 of my visual cut, Nathan's doing some awesome music and I will be keeping further improvements to the visuals in this edit (in perfect time) for the new soundtrack being produced.

Note - Please note this is not my complete visual cut, there are embellishments to be added, extra footage from contributors, example Sirius Dan, Jolynne, and others etc.

So while I can't guarantee to include everything in my edit, there is still more to be added. Particularly i want to add more improvement to creature animations, add more extra,s to fancier visual titles for the opening credits and so on!

Note - there are no sound fx etc yet in this version :)

As an example of the difference between my prior versions with Morgan 1 check out these,

V1 - Morgan 1
V4 - Morgan 2

Created: Mar 14, 2010


Lawrie Brewster Video Media