The Path, The Light

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The Path, The Light



Finding the path of light to lead life…where does it come from?

Where does it go? Why must I always turn my back to the ones I love in effort to better provide for them?

Another town…another job, another full to queen size bed with just me in it. Another few day stretch of loving through the phone…another night of denial that this torturous torment that I choose to…enjoy, to…be a part of is why I am the way I am, why I love the way I love.

I am a rare breed: young, talented, honest, FAITHFUL, humble. I do what I need to do in order to provide for my family without accepting the “rock star” tag that so many have tried to apply.

Will it always be this way…will I always be free from the chains of pride, of thinking I am all that is in my chaotic world? The answer is:


Created: Jan 01, 2012


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