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By HaleyErin

So, I don't think I can even begin to describe how much space the world of film takes up in my life. I stalk IMDb daily, I rent around three movies a week, and in my quest for ultimate film fandom I've stumbled accross some of the most strikingly beautiful visuals, witty, poignant scripts, and captivating, genuine performances. I could probably write a novel or two about how much I love movies, but instead I wanted to write a little (ok, it'll probably end up being very long) list to remind myself (and anyone reading this) why we keep investing in such a topsy turvy industry.

1. Let me just re-hash what I know so many people have already said (but it's necessary): Mysterious Skin. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's performance in this was just so heartbreaking/fantastic. He is the type of actor that completely changes from role to role so watching him never becomes redundant (and I stand by that statement after spending an entire sick week watching 11 of his films, and being completely in awe after every single one).

2. American Psycho.
I mean, Christian Bale, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The most insane (but in a good way) performance I have ever seen. Frightening but hilarious. I don't know how the man did it. Then seeing his dedication to roles like the one The Machinist just reassures me of his brilliance.

3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
The story is so interesting and different, it just sucked me right in. That, and the gorgeous cinematography. One of my faves.

4. Brick + The Brothers Bloom.
Rian Johnson, I love you and your way with words. That is all.

5. Polytechnique.
I don't think many people have seen this. It's quite short and it's from Quebec. It was done entirely in black and white, which adds to the haunting element of it, and it's one of those films that sticks with you long after it finishes.

Man, there are so many more I feel I need to add, like Song For A Raggy Boy, The Darjeeling Limited, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, Lars and the Real Girl, etc. but I don't want this to go on forever!
P.S. If anyone wants to recommend any films to me, PLEASE DO! I feel like there is still a universe of film that I haven't set my eyes upon yet, and I want to get on that as soon as possible!

Movies Movies Movies

Created: Mar 14, 2010


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