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Black Black Silver

Black black silver chrome silver black black



"Didn't keep the appointment

But kept it"

Not good enough-never good enough

Strive never to be good enough


Scream dance rave

But what about the light?

Pupils black-screaming black

Iris' pulsing like sea anemones

Like the sea

The black sea, black unto me

Little children suffer to come unto me

Suffer to come unto me?

Suffer to be with me?

To be with whom?

"Yeah, I was baked, wasted, man

But the sex was, like, amaaaaaaaaazing

I think it was, anyway"

Diesel Seven D&G

Such crap

Little kids T-shirts Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty!

"Well, I had to slap her. All she did was cry. I couldn't put up with that, could I? I didn't know I'd have a bad baby.

Throw her out with the bashwaster?

I mean bathwater, LOL."

Gel myself together

What does it take to make the biggest spikes?

Glue, not gel-white glue


One eye black

"I slept in. The doorbell kept ringing and ringing and ringing. Get away from me you little fucker! It's the curls I can't stand, well, until about noon. Then, they get cuter. I spent my utility bill money on tiny little patent leather shoes and lacy white socks."

There are racks and racks of clothes and they are all arranged. It's so convenient. Sifting-Down by the seaside sifting sand-

There's a film that sticks to your hands as you sift through the clothes

I need the Purell after an hour of shopping there.

It's the smell-the smell of pre-owned, gently-used clothes-I wish I had been gently used.

Hello Hello Kitty!

Tightness, chrome, silver, chrome like a fender

-Reduces shock due to contact-

"My mother helped me take care of her. Really. But she's a bigger crack queen that I am! No, no-just kidding. She's never taken crack. She just smokes pot. Every day. It's not addictive. She just likes it-you know what I mean. It's just something to do."

The belt with silver studs, the chain genuine faux silver

The t-shirt is tight-it's old school

It's black, the jeans are black

The fingernails black-and shiny

How can I make them matte?

"These chains--my baby's got me locked up in chains

And they ain't the kind that you can see

Oh, these chains of love have got a hold on me. Yeah-h."

"Babies have no knuckles-only little dimples."

Black black silver chrome silver black black

Created: Dec 31, 2011


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