[poetry] lady gentleman

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I once met a lady
who was the example of a
perfect gentleman

Dapper -
in her clothes
well-fitted waistcoasts on
button-down white shirts
cufflinks on sleeves touching on
slacks a day off a fresh press
shoes well-worn but sturdy
topped off with a fedora
on hair waiting to be tousled

Dapper -
in her manners
pulling out a chair for you
well-honed cooking skills making
meals handed straight to you
asks about you and takes concern
“may I help you?”
soft-spoken courteous gentle
yes, like a gentleman
respectful and never
- you don’t see that
a great deal nowadays

For unlike those that fancy themselves
yet tacky with their sleaze
come-ing on to you too strong
too cock-sure
never mind if those sleazy cocks
were skin or silicone
the fedora is just a costume
the speech just acted lines
the drinks plentiful - in their head

unlike those faux poser copycats
She is truly a gentleman
full of respect for your independence
sincere with her generosity
all offers given without assumption of
any particular sort of reciprocity
just a love for chivalry
and concern for a fellow human being

Now normally I am egalitarian
can’t see me being bothered to
“dress up” or “get made up” for anyone else
Mother always tells me to be
“more like a lady”
“more sophisticated”
- meh
I can’t be bothered
not even a male companion can stir me
into gender-role complicity

But there’s something about the Lady Gentleman
that makes me want to
put on a summer dress
clip a flower to my hair
pretty up my eyes with sparkle
so that I can be her Lady
linked arm in arm
sitting neatly cross-legged on the chair
she pulled out for me
daintily sipping tea and taking bites
out of fresh home-baked brownies
listening intently to her
listening intently to me

so charmed by her
that I would happily let her
unclip the flower in my hair
to make a corsage in her waistcoat
that I would promptly undo
while putting on her fedora
letting her gently kiss my ears and neck
while my fingers work those buttons down
right to the cufflinks

- and sometimes I’d like to be the Gentleman too
so that I could make my Lady a cup of tea
and a home-baked brownie
(ingredients adjusted for her sensitivities)
sincerely admire the flowers on her dress
show her respectful polite company
whether she is linked to my arms
or has her fingers down my waistcoat
while wearing my fedora

My encounter with the Lady Gentleman
sweet but far too short
yet certainly sparked smoulders of desire
- desire for another Lady Gentleman for me
or to be the Gentleman to another Lady

Created: Dec 31, 2011


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