Collection of unfinished poems and midnight thoughts while smoking,...

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[title cont: ... from years past.]


lets Shake hands with Winter up our sleeves      By: Tim Shill




a white winter brings sledding, snow angels, and hot coco


an Ashen Winter yields soot-covered cities, Death overburdened with work, blackened skies




lets Shake hands with Winter up our sleeves




a white winter decorates the ground with snow to enjoy living


an Ashen Winter pours a somber plague covering the ground, for us to choke on


lets Shake hands with Winter up our sleeves




a greet to make peace


a greet with hands above a sleeve full of Ashen Winter




lets Shake hands with Winter up our sleeves




a world wanting peace


a world pretending to bring peace onto others




But what do You do?




You shake those many hands, all of You do, with Ashen Winter up your sleeves


abeyant & Active By: Tim Shill


a Mountain in a Field of Flowers is more evident

than a Mountain in a Field of Mountains.


Birds hiss at squawking snakes  By: Tim Shill


cows purr and meow

kitties go moo,

doggies rib bit

while fogies bark.


I scream help

silence is heard.

Reality is no



A Crimson Masquerade ball   By: Tim Shill


From this balcony I watch

wearing a venetian mask

to fit in.


I wonder why we are hiding our faces

as i peer down onto the dance floor of society.


to see a crowd dancing

waltzing with knifes.


society is leaving its blood everywhere.

and none will mop up

their crimson mess.


Slip, slip, slip.

the dancers will go


Fingers tap    By: Tim Shill


My fingers tap,

tap on my leg

tap tap tap.


Unable to move my body

Bound to this chair

Strapped down





My fingers tap

tap tap tap.


My mind runs,

Runs wildly

Blind folded.


In this chair i wait,

Wait for the lever

to be pulled.





Created: Dec 31, 2011


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