Muic in personal Interpretation, songs that catch my eye and heart

By chelle

I don’t know…just felt like expressing the sounds that are feeding into my ear

Carly Simon “That’s the way I always heard it should be” Gathers all those indecisive opinions of love based life experiences ( beautiful song)

Pink Floyd “Wish you were here” To me…the meaning is unclear, but very intriguing as with all their songs. This song makes me think of people who are outcast, but have connection through life’s many battles(uneasy experiences)

“Band on the Run” Love this song simply because the arrangement of music changes, the meaning changes, your feelings change( Paul McCartney and Wings Wonderful)

The Beatles “ Um…every song they ever made!!” “Penny Lane” This song to me is very quirky, kind of reminds of a dream that your in and anything can happen in dreams” (great song) “Strawberry Fields provokes the same emotion”

Todd Rundgren “Hello it’s me” Has that typical 70’s vibe that I oh so enjoy. People have to immediately like this song. Its so catchy and the message behind the lyrics is interesting also.

George Harrison “Give me love” This song and its lyrics I think anyone can relate to. To me. It helps me keep a clear mind about my present situation as well as my future..(It does help me cope love this song)

Jefferson Starship “If only you believe in miracles” The instrumental and vocal arrangement on this song to me is brilliant. This song I listen to over and over. It just moves me

There are also other artist: Adele, Doobie Brothers, The Eagles, Stevie Wonder, Duffy, Al Green, Joni Mitchell, Lupe Fiasco, Common, Talib Kweli, The Roots, James Taylor, Kenny Loggins, Beyonce, Billy Joel, Mary J Blige, Lauryn Hill(who I miss) and Eric Clapton

These artist speak to me as well move me in a positive way…The songs that I listed or such inspirational forms of art and sound, that without every listening to them I probably could not think as clearly..

Well in a nutshell. I just love music all genres, all artist and all sounds. Music is the 3rd most important thing my life next to two more important things (?)..Sounds weird? It probably is lol!!!

Muic in personal Interpretation, songs that catch my eye and heart

Created: Mar 13, 2010


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