How a thing starts...

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start with estrangement—no, start with the architecture, no start with the language—start with the government—no, start with the art—start with the culture—no, start with the food—Start with religion. Start with the leaders—start with the commercials, start with the mass communicated devices. —No, start with ideals, start with the logic, start by making the people start thinking. start with a new philosophy. —No, start with the army—No, start with the politicians. —No, start with the books and magazines and paintings and songs; and videogames—start with the art. Start by bringing all things divided together—start with depression —No start with a call to glory, start with a symbol—No, start with the corporations, with the businesses, with the market. With the Internet. —NO start with an ENEMY—START WITH A HATRED—START WITH MURDER AND OPPRESSION. SUBJEGATION. —no, start with kindness and subtleness and goodwill—NO, start with the past and start with the future—start with a demand, no start with a cry—start with concessions—START WITH FEAR—No, start with the lower class and start with the deprived. Start in communities—NO, start with the wealthy and powerful, with greed—start with the isolated—start by dividing and start by segregating—No, start by bringing together as A one—start by throwing the first hitNO, start by waiting, retaliating with fight—Start by Destruction—NO, START WITH REBUILDING—NO, START WITH RETAINING—START WITH AGREEMENT. CONCATENATION. —NO, START BY CONFUSION—START BY ALIENATION.

Created: Dec 30, 2011

Tags: begin, start, rant, philosophy

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