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My favorite film for years has been Garden State. It had everything I love to see. A quirky love story, comedy, drama, and honesty. I can relate to the way Largeman (Zach Braff) felt numb at the beginning of the film, like he was alive, but not truly living, not happy. It's so fun trying to watch Largeman readapt to his former home. It's a movie that's at times very heartbreaking (his mother's death, coming to terms with it, the strained relationship with his father, etc.) I loved the way he found Sam. She's so odd and strange, but in a weird way, perfect for him. One scene that really stands out is the search Largeman, Sam, and Mark take to retrieve a gift Mark has tracked down for Largeman. They come across a man named Albert he guards a large chasm and sometimes explores it, upon leaving Largeman says to Alber "Good luck exploring the infinite abyss." and Albert responds, "Thanks, and hey, you too." It's beautiful.

Another favorite film is (500) Days of Summer, which I feel weird saying considering it only came out last year, but it hit me very hard, harder than in film has for years. I really feel like Tom, too an extent, at times, that worries me. I have a habit of romanticizing things that need not be overanalyzed. Prior to the movie's release I was planning on seeing the movie with a girl I cared very much about, but it didn't happen. It was very much a Summer situation in a way. I thought things were heading towards a relationship and a bright future, but it was never her intention. The scene that gets me most is the Expectations/Reality scene. It's terribly relatable. I've been there so many times, my expectations never quite line up. The Spilt Screen and Regina Spektor song are brilliant, it's my favorite scene in film. When Tom see the ring, my heart always sinks.

Most importantly, I learned a lot about myself from watching the movie, things I HAD to learn, but had never realized. The girl I liked wasn't "the one," every girl I like is not "the one." Things between us weren't as perfect as I had imagined, I overglorified it. I was not in love, I was infatuated. I had my heart broke and was bitter, but it was not the end all be all. It was simply not meant to be. So many things that Tom does, I've done. Overanalyzed her words, create pathetic ways to get her attention (she likes this song, I'll play it). etc.

Favorite actors: Zach Braff, Joe, Jason Schwartzman, Michael Cera.
I think each is great at being very honest and sincere with their roles. Many may write off Cera for his many "awkward teen roles," but I think he plays them to perfection. It's very real and believable. I'd also add Phillip Seymour Hoffman, he's brilliant in every role

Favorite actress: Zooey Deschanel without question. Like every other male, I must admit I have a huge crush on her. I fall for those gorgeous eyes every time! She bring a lot of quirky and sincerity to all over her roles too.

Director: Wes Anderson. I love all of his work.

Quirky/Honest sums up what attracts me in films and actors most.

Created: Mar 13, 2010


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