Atra Aeterna - In the Endless Arms of Awe

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After releasing the most recent Atra Aeterna album, 'Machinations' in early October (2011), I took it upon myself to experiment a bit more with some production techniques/ideas that were new to me.

"In the Endless Arms of Awe", was borne of one such experiment. I laid out the track by first playing the structured backbone of the piece (mostly deep chords) on piano. Using a sampler, I then took the recorded piano elements and modified them, increasing the attack, sustain, and release, so that each chord built much more slowly, in a wave of warmth that lingered far after the keys had been released. I then proceeded to dirty everything up by adding a few layers of distortion effects and reverb, which give the track it's distinct sense of fuzzy ambience.

The end result is, in my opinion, something not far off from Tim Hecker's 2011 release, "Ravedeath, 1972", which employed similar techniques, but with a pipe organ instead of a piano. 


Created: Dec 30, 2011


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