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By melisaj

Quick poem about epilepsy

When I wake up you’re the first thing
I have to think about
I wonder if I’ll see you today.

You don’t let me sleep
And I cant help but wonder if you’re
my imaginary friend who never left.
Who needs drugs when I’ve got you?
And you’ve got me.

I’ll go for a walk, yes by myself
Although I know you’ll be behind me.
There’s a chance you’ll make an appearance
Hello friend! I knew you’d be back.
Block out my senses
You’ve got my attention now.

I guess I’ll have to stop right here
And wait for you to finish.
I’m pretty sure the grass is wet
But it’s that or a roll down the hill
And I don’t think vinegar will sort our head out.

I think I can see the pond below
But you won’t move out of my way
Ok, don’t move… but you’re starting to hurt me now
I don’t want to look at you but I have to
You’re all I can see.

Pretty soon I’ll be able to see calm again.
I’ll be able to see the pond, the green, the book
Even where Im sitting
And I’ll be able to make my way back
After a few minutes of rest.

Blinks and glimpses of you take up the rest of my day I guess
Sometimes I forget what I’ve done today, yesterday
Or even a moment ago.
Where is my mind?

with you,
I guess we’re bound together
I’m tired now, let’s go to bed.
I hope I don’t wake up in darkness again
You scare me when you do that.

Release Title

Created: Mar 13, 2010


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