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A little Screenplay I wrote earlier in the year that looks at love in a slightly doomed way, would love to see what people could/would do with the idea!


Scene one. The Park.

The park is grassy, with a few trees, birds can be heard singing every now and then and the wind rustles through the leaves of the central tree.

Young Man, about twenty years old, sits against the trunk of a central tree. The boy has his head in his arms, propped against his knees, totally obscuring his face and giving him a sad and dejected demeanor. His hair is shaggy and messy, he wears ripped jeans and a grubby grey and white striped t-shirt. The boy looks scruffy, as if he has been sleeping rough for a few days.

ENTERS Young Woman behind the tree where she cannot yet see the young man. She is wearing a soft, pastel coloured dress that is modest yet flattering, and she has a naturally attractive face that isn’t heavily made up.

As Young Woman passes the boy she looks down and sees him, becoming concerned. She hesitates a moment before crouching down in front of him and places a hand on his arm. The boy looks up showing his face for the first time, his mouth is sewn up with thick black cord, it looks red and sore and scabby and like it has been done roughly and clumsily.

Young Woman looks horrified but does not move away, merely stares at his mouth, the boys eyes are wide and tearful. The birds are no longer singing, but the wind still rustles leaves. Her face slowly morphs from one of fright to one of pity and care, she takes the boys hand and leads him away in the direction she was originally heading whilst he looks baffled but obedient. Birds are heard tweeting as they exit.

SCENE two. the kitchen.

The kitchen is modest and opens on to a very small lounge area with one scruffy sofa, a colourful but worn rug and a small TV set in the corner, the kitchen is slightly messy but not dirty. The kitchen and lounge give a cosy and lived in effect. Birds can be heard tweeting through an open window, outside the window is a filed which looks ismilar to that of the first scene.

Young Man is sat on a stool in the kitchen, a little hunched in embarrassment, as Young Woman tenderly wipes his face with a flannel and warm water to clean off the grime. She pays particularly close and careful attention to his mouth area, like a nurse cleaning a soldiers wounds. She brushes his hair tentatively and gets some kitchen scissors from a draw. She makes to cut the cords around his lips very carefully, but Young Man thrusts his head away and shakes it at her manically, showing terror at the idea of the cords being removed. Young Woman steps back apologetically, with a look of slight confusion on her face, but she quickly sets her face into a calm and appeasing smile, stepping behind him she goes to trim his matted and shaggy locks, her brow begins to furrow in confusion and concern at Young Man as she snips at a knot at the back of his hair.

Scene Three.

In the kitchen.

Young Woman is cutting a haphazard looking sandwich, as if she’d rushed making it, in half. She also rushes eating it and very quickly removes all signs of its existence from the kitchen. Young Man’s stripy T-shirt, ripped jeans and boxers hang on a drying rack, Young Woman checks to see if they are dry as Young Man appears from the stairs with a towel around his waist and one around his shoulders, an attempt at modesty when naked. The sofa is made up into a bed with one pillow and a flimsy looking blanket draped across it.

SceNe four.

In a small bedroom, there is a lamp by the bed on a bed side table that has a few books on it. The room is slightly feminine, with a floral bed sheet.

Young Man is in bed, sat up slightly, gazing at Young Woman as she puts a few things in draws in attempt to tidy up. She ruffles his hair and makes to go out, to go back downstairs and sleep on the sofa, but Young Man grabs onto her hand and stops her, pulling her onto the bed. He looks frightened and upset, so Young Woman stays with him and cuddles him as they fall asleep and she closes her eyes.

Scene Five.

in the kitchen.

Young Woman is in the kitchen eating some cereal, eyes closed as if to savour it. She opens her eyes and looks edgy, she starts as the stairs creak and Young Man emerges. She looks utterly aghast and throws the cereal in the bin and the bowl in the sink. Young Man’s eyes look a little tearful, but mostly he just appears awkward in a too tight T-shirt and shorts, obviously borrowed from Young Woman. She retrieves his clothes from the drying rack and sends him back upstairs; once he is out of sight she slumps down onto the sofa and puts her head heavily in her hands, pulling slightly at her hair.

Scene Six.

in the kitchens attached living area.

Young Man and Young Woman are on the sofa, he has his head leaning on her shoulder as she leans her cheek against the top of his head and they watch the small and old TV set. Young Woman fiddles with a long piece of her hair, a much calmer tug at it than in the previous scene, she seems more settled. She slowly squeezes his hand, then gets up and goes to the kitchen draw, Young Man’s eyes remain on the television. She looks at him, unsure, and pauses at the draw, she opens the draw and pulls out the scissors and walks back to the sofa slowly, scissors behind her back. She sits back down with the pair of scissors in her hand, now visible to Young Man and turns to him. He instantly draws back upon seeing him, he shakes his head, and as non threateningly as he can, he takes the scissors from her and drops them down the back of the sofa, managing a weak smile that ends in a wince due to the wounds around his mouth. Young Woman looks thoughtful and full of concern, then she stares dejectedly at the TV. She turns to him, pulling him face to face with her and tenderly strokes his face, then kisses his forehead, his cheek, then as lightly as possible, his sewn up lips. This time he smiles a slight smile, and does not wince, however as they both turn back to the telly Young Woman’s face is sad.


in young woman's bedroom and the kitchen.

Young Woman and Young Man are in bed, apparently asleep, he has his arm flopped lazily over her waist and his nose at the nape of her neck. Her eyes flicker open and as quietly as she can she goes downstairs. She carefully lifts the sofa, having trouble at first, and makes a couple of loud scraping noises. She stops to listen, there is not a stir from upstairs. She retrieves the scissors from behind the sofa and makes her way back upstairs. She stands in front of the bed and stares at Young Man for a moment, then kisses her two fingers and places them lightly on his forehead. She bends in closer, scissors in hand, and slowly snips the cords that bound his lips together. There is silence, neither of them move. Young Man’s eyes flicker open, he looks at Young Woman and smiles, then noticing the new looseness of his lips his eyes widen and he claps both of his hands over his mouth and gestures wildly at Young Woman to go. His eyes roll back into his head slightly and his hands drop limp to his side. His eyes flicker back into focus at Young Woman however his pupils nearly fill the whole of his eyes with the thin ring of iris an no whites of his eyes can be seen, his mouth stretches open, wider than is humanly possible to reveal rows and rows of ‘teeth’, like that of a great white sharks teeth, yet instead of teeth he has pieces of sharp litter like objects such as broken bits of glass, razorblades, pins and other sharp objects to create a chaotic and gruesome appearance and his gums are bloody. Focus is drawn away from Young Man's mouth and with it gaping wide, dripping with bloody saliva and a hungry look in his eyes, Young Man tenses animalistically in a crouch on the bed breathing loudly and rasping, he cocks his head to one side and then leaps at Young Woman.



Young Man is crying, blood down his front, as he haphazardly tries to stitch his mouth back together.


Created: Dec 30, 2011


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