Raven Eggs

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She was due any day, excited and nervous in equal measure. It started with a strange sick feeling crouching in the depths of her belly, a constant sensation that if she smelt the wrong thing – strong fish, stale urine, mould – it would set her off. She sat at the kitchen table, dizzily staring out of the window when she began to retch. She tottered as fast as her body would let her into the bathroom and stuck her head in the toilet bowl.

First she threw up water, splashing almighty waves that rebounded off the porcelain and splattered her face. Little flecks of blood sprayed out as she heaved. Her stomach cramped; she clung to the toilet seat. She started to choke, cough, splutter. The smell of vomit filled the bathroom.

Her husband heard the noise and ran to see what the matter was; his wife on all fours, eyes staring up at him, tiny bloody baby toes poking from her mouth. He stared in horror as more of the baby heaved out. His wife’s cheeks ripped, her jaw cracked. He rang an ambulance. 
She’s happy with her beautiful baby boy. She’s always smiling now.

Created: Dec 30, 2011


Lottyyy Document Media