my night out.

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tonight I went out. I live in the gorgeous city that is Toronto. on this night me and my friends decided to hit a place called shallow was sick. I saw a dude with a joy division shirt on & stopped him. I showed him the tattoo on my forearm, it reads: "we would have a fine time living in the night," for those who dont know thats a lyric from the joy division song "transmission" . the dude who was wearing the JD T-shirt said...& I quote "man I can't believe you got that tatted on your arm" I said in reply "I can't believe that you are wearing that shirt & can't believe that I have this division is the sickest band should know that" he said some snide comment & walked away. I then walked on & hit on a very attractive female...for some unknown reason she gave me her number. I think I'm gonna call her. thats my story. thats all i got. good night all i got.

Created: Mar 13, 2010


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