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Dreamt I was walking in the middle of a freeway afraid to open my eyes

It wasn't fear of the speeding cars flying by

Maybe it was the direction I was headed

Maybe it was an infinite descent

Maybe it was a new earth sending me messages in sleep to unearth.

But something was hindering me from looking.


Anyway Tuesday, I woke up thinking, I have an idea but it's a little hard to describe, I know that we don't want the new earth to be too obvious and I'm that person that's always pointing out the obvious, like ten minutes later. 

My Idea is this it would be awesome to get footage of someone walking with the fast speeding freeway and with there eyes closed( we can only see the back of them though, and maybe a shot of the closed eyes)

- at some point this person opens there eye's (again all we can see are the eyes)

That's when the fast moving traffic has stopped and there's a  completely blank page or this person is suspended in space. We can't see the person's face this whole time then that's when we cut to all the footage that's been used and new footage that people will add. If this doesn't make any sense I'm sorry I had written it down quickly then went back to bed. And I know this sounds impossible but I really had to write it down.

Created: Dec 30, 2011


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