What I <3

By MattConley

I love that life is like video footage. It's hard to edit.

I love that the above quote is not from an elite filmmaker, but from The RZA.

I love when others share what they create and allow, if only for a moment or two, a glimpse into their hearts.

I love when Spike Lee uses his patented conveyor belt shot.

I love nature and hiking the world's mountains, for there are no experiences quite like looking down at the world from a peak.

I love my brother. He's on my wall.

I love rebellion.

I love giving things a second look.

I love great TV dads, and the best of them all is Sandy Cohen from "The O.C." Yeah, I watched that show.

I love being the only one in a movie theater.

I love philosophical conversations that never really end. They simply resume the next day.

I love putting images to sound and seeing what happens.

I love "Bookends" by Simon & Garfunkel, for it makes me reflect on my life and all those that I love every time I hear it.

I love the final lines from "To Kill a Mockingbird" and how, by saying that Atticus would be there when Gem woke up, Scout summarizes what it means to be a good father perhaps better than any other film.

I love how we shape our own memories however we want to.

I love my wife and two dog-kids.

I love life.

And I love all of you.

What I <3

Created: Mar 13, 2010

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