Rain Boots

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The weight is heavy

pressing down on my shoulders

pushing me deeper and deeper into your judgement.

Your eyes look at me as if I don't matter. 

My tears fall from my eyes like rain. 

Rain, Rain, Rain.

Flooding the streets  of my courgage. 


I stand here, 

feet clad in yellow rain boots. 

Stomping through your mud, and shit and judgment. 

I walk these streets with a message. 

Your unhappiness is not my unhappiness. 


I have weathered my storms, and will weather the ones ahead. 

I will laugh after I cry 

I will dance out my bad mood

I will paint the dark clouds that cover my mind and heart and soul

shades of yellow and teal, shades of happy and love. 


Because I love. 

Even when I hate. 

I care even when you spit and kick me 


If you need to frown, and worry and be unhappy then do it. 


I will be here, 

In my rain boots. 

Weathering the storms. 

Created: Dec 30, 2011


hbowens Document Media