All The Same

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I had a dream about the world

a timeless tale of this and that

and as I wondered, where I sat

a child fist upon me, curled


I had a dream about the sky

a blue-toned black, from night to day

and every bird that flew away

had wandered there, perched up so high


I had a dream about the rain

a trickle that destroyed the calm

an inky black, from frothy balm

I sat there still, and racked my brain


Why the world, the rain, the sky

the ink-black calm, the birds on high

It all adds up to what I've found

the child's fist upon me, pounds


I've found the answer to the dreams

It seeps and drips from ink-black seams

and when the ink corrodes my skin

I am absolved of all my sin


It's then the answer sidles past

floating farther, sinking fast

twitch of skin to fleck of ink

it drifts upon the words I drink


I had a dream, of world, of rain

of balmly sky, it's all the same

the answer breathes of how I feel

of world, of rain, of sky, of real



Created: Dec 29, 2011


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