"The origin of suffering is attachment"

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Nothing lasts. This is called impermanence. It is a scary thing to look in the eye, but it is a fact of life. Tomorrow, a friend of someone will die. Later today, a child will die in a drunk driving accident. A cancer paitent will die by the time you finish this sentance.

Life is suffering.

They've said it the best.

Impermanence teaches that through all of the suffering, there is a pool of light, to end it all.

Nothing lasts. All that remains is nitrogen, worms, and bones.

Nothing lasts.

Not you, nor me.

But let's pretend that everything and everyone lasted forever.

The ocean would become a cesspit of drudgery.

Volcanic syphilis. Brain phycosis and neurotoxins. Greed unmatched and centuries old.

Everything needs an end, to keep it from rotting away, blistering up in the sun. The moon swells it back up, and it breaks.

Queue impermanence.

No more suffering.

Created: Dec 29, 2011


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