Seeking Love Stories

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I have this project called Abandoned Love Notes. I leave ribbon tied drawings with sparse bits of writing wherever I happen to be for whom ever happens to find them. I think of it as a love letter to life, and maybe a chance to put a bit of wonder into someone’s day.

But I don’t want this to just be me. I want collaboration. I want your love stories, your poems, your tiny bits of writing... I want different authors for the love notes, and I’ll make the lovely drawings to go with them. These don’t have to be long, in fact, I don’t want them to be. It can just be a line. I like these to read like the love letters you find in Antique stores, where you don’t quite know what’s going on...but you’re curiosity is fired up, and you begin making your own story for it all.

You can make your submissions here, or go directly to my blog:

Created: Dec 29, 2011


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