Favorite actors and why

By TheMovieWhore

John Cusack has been in more films and played more characters that have spoken to me on a personal level than any other. His characters tend to be the every man dealing with the everyday B.S. we all endure. With HIGH FIDELITY I found myself thinking of the five women I would go visit to find out why I can't seem to make relationships work and by the end of the film I had come to the same conclusion, it's not really them, it's me.

One of my favorite young actors would be Joe and the reason why is because I have yet to see him in a film. I have seen the characters he was portraying in each film and only the characters. It is not often I find myself forgetting that the actor or actress is just that. I love it when and an actor brings a character to life in such a way that through out the duration of the film I am convinced this is a real person.

Favorite actors and why

Created: Mar 12, 2010


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