I love... (collab RECord)

By horrorshock666

I love waking up knowing today I have a chance to change the errors of my past.
I love the comfort of the night, the silence.
I love being alone. I love being with friends.
I love my family, the people who love me unconditionally.
I love seeing the world pass me by when on trains or in cars.
I love losing myself in music, finding it speaks to me. Helps me.
I love the way someone you don't know can describe your feelings, when you can't.
I love the smell of petrol in a gas station.
I love it when you have things money can't buy. Love... from people, for people.
I love life... most of the time.
I love myself, but not enough. I love that I can change this.
I love knowing I can be better, that I'm not perfect.
I love too much, but focus on the things I don't too often.
I love sharing, and having things shared in return.
I love searching deep inside myself, and finding things I didn't know.
I love...

I love... (collab RECord)

Created: Mar 12, 2010


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