10 (random) things i love

By jaime2607

Just a simple list i came up in response to InkedCanvas's "I love" Collab :)

1. I ♥ the smell of rain.
2. I ♥ to draw.
3. I ♥ snuggling under my covers before eventually waking up.
4. I ♥ my scented candles.
5. I ♥ stories whether if it's a picture, a video or just in words.
6. I ♥ films.
7. I ♥ my friends and my family.
8. I ♥ music, though I'm not sure if it loves me. (I'm a really crappy pianist)
9. I ♥ to sometimes sing and dance myself silly whenever I'm alone in my room.
Lastly, 10. I ♥ hitRECord 'cause it's filled with amazing art and the awesomest people. :)

Update - 13 Apr 2010

i think i might gonna add some more stuff to my love list... 10 doesn't seem enough, there's so many things else that i love!!! might gonna make a video of it too :) soon... after my dreadful finals :s

10 (random) things i love

Created: Mar 12, 2010

Tags: i love

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