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a father's protection (a tiny story)

By kouralilly

before leaving his daughter home alone, he handed her a bag.

"here," he said. "if anyone comes in, shoot them."

she took the bag quietly, and kissed his cheek as he turned to go.

settling herself back in her room, she placed the rubber bands next to her bed.



note: i wrote this when i was in a wheelchair several years ago.  my dad was in town visiting, and he was leaving me home alone for one of the first times since coming home from the hospital.  before walking out, he came over to me with a rubber band in his hand and dead-pan serious handed it to me, saying "here - if anyone comes in, shoot them."  i had just joined hitRECord i think a few days earlier, and quickly wrote this.  i always thought it would make for a good mafia-esque black & white tiny film...??


a father's protection (a tiny story)

Created: Dec 19, 2011


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