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The Scientist: A Tiny Film

By MattConley

"The scientist had a lab..."


The Scientist: A Tiny Film

Created: Dec 19, 2011

Tags: push, teacher, shock, voiceover, breathing, emblem, labs, dog, pup, audio, sound fx, hyde, animated, wirrow, panting, goggles, doctor, humorous, computer, dogs, transform, atoms, legs, burst, parts, blast, building, light, astonishing, facility, gray, periodic table, smoke, funny, science, art, tiny films, old man, lift, night, facial hair, mad scientist, geezer, illustration, shots, the end, pet, electricity, hands, animation, pamagotchi, matt, looks, glass, ambience, high definition, character, drawings, looking, alternative, 1111, pets, beams, rays, technology, fox terrier, special effects, high def, table, hd, jacksonblack, chords, footage, request, matt conley, remix, noise, text, arm, eyes, switches, beep, sci-fi, title, bumpers, presses, eleven eleven, off, doodle, hitrecord, mattconley, friend, cut, cartoon, ping, on, timelapse, elements, atomic, background, laser, voice over, hippie, narration, glasses, digital, compute, face, long hair, short, glow, edits, bearded, punchline, button, nuclear, written, reading, resources, wall, alternate, zap, thunder, composition, research, jacket, pressing, animal, numbers, bright, foreground, motion, lights, time lapse, terrier, lens flare, illustrated, walls, amazing, coat, scroll, chemistry, equipment, science fiction, fast, disappear, jeckyl, evenings, beam, dog's, moon, doggy, remixed, time, version, electric, lightning, editor, sounds, puppy, fingers, sound effects, clips, miracle, clone, power plant, mustache, edited, pooch, intro, fox, lab coat, ambient, beard, steam, grim reaper, jackson black, narrator, senses, wires, laboratory, monitor, experiment, cords

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