SXSW / NXNW Poster

By MattConley

This poster is an homage to Alfred Hitchcock's "North By Northwest" starring Cary Grant. What I did was try to recreate the famous crop dusting airplane scene with an image of Joe that was taken for the Sundance posters and REmixed to fit the scene from the original movie.

Here is the scene:

Then I incorporated a RECord Tori had REmixed of my grandfather in his toy airplane, which becomes the swooping crop duster. Sarah P's really vintage-looking "Frame the RECord" served as an interactive background of sorts. The motion blur could definitely be much better, but I wanted to show the movement somehow without making the overall poster too cluttered and chaotic.

One thing is for sure, this kind of movie reference definitely isn't timely, but many movie buffs should catch the reference since it's one of the most famous suspense sequences in history. I think it's cool too that "North By Northwest" is the exact opposite as "SXSW" so it was an idea I wanted to play with. Maybe I'll do some video next.

This particular poster is far from Marke's specs that he posted, but I just wanted to get this up here and see if people thought it was an interesting idea.

SXSW / NXNW Poster

Created: Mar 11, 2010

Tags: cary grant, 2010, festival, texas, regularjoe, homage, austin, action, field, sxsw, reference, camera, suspense, jumping, alfred hitchcock, diving, kid, airplane, circle, poster, boy, north by northwest, movie, running, flying, camcorder, crop duster, sticker, hitrecord, record, regular joe, plane, pilot, nxnw, red

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