Marie Elocution

By gblancag

There once was a girl named Marie Elocution
Who on this fine day fell in love with the ocean
Never before had she felt such delight
As when first looking upon waves caught by light.

Having naught but ten years she had not seen before
The miracles that lay just a bit past the shore
She had never in her life seen the salt of the sea
Nor heard seagulls call out “we love you Marie”

The sun on the sand and the glassy cut waves
Touching sky that recedes in a blue and gold haze
Marie stretched a hand to the glorious blue
And felt something quite warm, and lovely and new.

What is this feeling? She thought to herself
And all her past longings were put on a shelf
High up in the attic that was her young mind
For they were now weak against this new kind

This yearning she felt it pull deep in her chest
To be part of the blue, to be one with the wet
To swim in that mystery of sea kings and fish
Marie knew from now on she’d have only one wish

To be fully encompassed by that unending depth
So filled up with love Marie sat down and wept
Her calling in life or so it would seem
Was to be Marie Elocution, Fabled Sea Queen

After that day Marie was quite changed
Though most others just thought her completely deranged
For all she could speak of from that moment forth
Was the sea and the deep and their infinite worth

Every word from her mouth was a little love song
To Triton and Neptune and so before long
Her friends became tired of her constant plea
To finally fall into the arms of the sea

Her parents grew worried about this obsession
And plied her with gifts and lovely possessions
But Marie had only one prize in her mind
To finally be free, she and ocean entwined.

She dreamed about mermaids with scales and tails
And eagerly swallowed old sailor sea fables
But nothing could quench her insatiable lust
Or stop her from feeling the need to combust

For every last moment she spent on the sand
Made her grow even more and more loathsome of land
She hated the air and the sky and the ground
And longingly wondered what it felt like to drown.

To be so consumed by the weight of the sea
That it owns you, it crushes you, it sets you free
To only see blue and wet liquid black night
If it was Marie she’d not put up a fight

But this is no tale of sadness and woe
Marie knew that she couldn’t survive down below
So settled herself for a sweet compromise
That in order to live she must leave what’s despised.

Marie had a dream and when she grew up
She built a large boat and filled it all up
With all her belongings and supplies to last
And with one sweet wave bid adieu to her past

She set sail and at once felt that longed for relief
She let down her hair and ungritted her teeth
For finally Marie was at one with the Ocean
Just her and her boat and undying devotion

Marie felt the sea in her sleep and her dreams
She felt the great waves in every sunbeam
She tasted the salt that stuck to her skin
And breathed in the ocean blue breath of the wind

She slept in the day and awoke in the night
To see the moon shimmer on oceans of light
Just her and her boat with no set destination
Marie and the ocean and dreamy elation

And never could there be any more joy
Than Marie had now if she were with a boy
So that is the story of Marie Elocution
The girl who fell madly in love with the ocean.

Marie Elocution

Created: Mar 11, 2010


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