the kiss.

By lovelygeist

(lights up. Chairs and tables are set up as if at a café. A girl walks in and takes a seat at a table. She nervously looks around , fiddles with things in her bag, etc. The waiter comes in several seconds later with pen and paper and… waiter attire.)
Ben: Hi, What can I get you today?
Melody: Scotch on the rocks!
Ben: Uh.. We don’t serve-- (Melody laughs) … alcohol? (she notices he isn’t laughing)
Melody: I’m sorry, that was a joke. (beat) Just an Iced Mocha. (as he walks away) With a shot of Hazelnut! (he exits) Ugh… stop the jokes…
(EMO BOY enters. He is wearing all black, eyeliner, other emo things. He stops, looks at a piece of paper, looks at Melody, and approaches her.)
EMO BOY: Melody?
Melody: Uh, yeah (she looks at her hand) Josh!
EMO BOY: Yeah (he takes a seat and stares at her.)
Melody: Is something wrong?
Melody: (beat, then simultaneously they speak and stop) I’m sorry, go ahead.
EMO BOY: (Ben enters as he speaks) I was just looking so deeply into your eyes that I think I can see your soul. (Ben is looking back and forward awkwardly between them as Melody is caught off guard.) Well, it’s beautiful.
Ben: (hands drink to Melody -- to EMO BOY) Can I get you something?
EMO BOY: No. I have everything I need right here.
Ben: Oookay. (he exits.)
Melody: Um… thank you. Let’s just cut to the chase. I want you to kiss me.
EMO BOY: Really? Right now?
Melody: Yes, please.. Just…
EMO BOY: Alright…
(They lean in, over the table. Just before they kiss, a Screamo song begins playing. Melody quickly draws herself back.)
EMO BOY: What’s wrong?
Melody: This isn’t going to work. You… just. You need to leave.
EMO BOY: (begins tearing up) okay.. I don’t think I understand… I… (he exits. Melody puts her head in her hands and sighs as Ben enters.)
Ben: Rough day?
Melody: I was going to ask you the same thing earlier. But, oh… I don’t know. It’s complicated.
Ben: Try Me.
Melody: I don’t think I feel comfortable telling a stranger…
Ben: I’m not a stranger, I’m Ben. (they shake hands) I feel like you have to tell me now, plus it’s really slow around here.
Melody: (looks around) Okay. (Ben sits) Promise you won’t laugh?
Ben: I can’t promise that!
Melody: You have to.
Ben: Oh, alright. I promise.
Melody: (sighs) I’m here for speed dating.
Ben: That’s it? That’s not complicated!
Melody: Well… you’re going to think I’m crazy.
Ben: Crazier than the guy who was just here?
Melody: Shut up! Seriously. I hear music.
Ben: Everyone hears music.
Melody: No… (takes a deep breath) Whenever I kiss someone new, I hear music. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true! I’ve found out that the music is a really good gauge of the person, so if I don’t like the music, I don’t bother.
Ben: That’s not crazy at all!
Melody: Really?!
Ben: No, that’s completely insane. (he gets up to go)
Melody: I told you! Now you’re going to think I’m weird!
Ben: (as he exits) True! (COUNTRY BOY enters)
COUNTRY BOY: Are you Melody?
Melody: Yes… you’re Adam?
COUNTRY BOY: Well yessiree! (he sits) Boy are you pretty!
Melody: Thank you! Can we get right down to it?
COUNTRY BOY: I think I like the sound of this…
Melody: Kiss me.
COUNTRY BOY: If you insist! (they lean in. A bad country song begins to play. Melody Slowly backs up in disgust.)
Melody: No.
COUNTRY BOY: No what, lady?
Melody: No. This isn’t happening.
COUNTRY BOY: Well I’ll be. You’re pickier than a banjo-plucking hillbilly!
(he exits as Melody puts her head in her hands. Seconds later Ben enters.)
Ben: He looked like a winner to me! Music wasn’t right?
Melody: You got it. (beat) I told you, I won’t bother!
Ben: I could have told you not to bother before he even sat down. Need another drink?
Melody: No.. I only have one more to go. I mean, third time’s a charm though… right?
Ben: Whatever you say. (Gary enters, well dressed with a flower and begins approaching.)
Melody: Oh… here he comes now! Go! (Ben exits) Hello! You must be Gary.
Gary: Why yes. Oh! Here. I’ve brought this for you. (he hands her the flower) I’m not late, am I?
Melody: Of course not!
Gary: Well, my meeting let out late, I’m glad I haven’t kept you waiting.
Melody: Oh, no worries. What was the meeting for?
Gary: I work for this non-profit company. We are building houses for low income families… it’s a lot of work, but, I love it.
Melody: Ohh… (leans in with interest)
Gary: But, honestly, enough about me. I would love to hear everything about you.
Melody: (shakes herself into reality) Well, before we discuss anything I need a favor.
Gary: Anything!
Melody: I need you to kiss me.
Gary: Are you sure?
Melody: Oh, so!
Gary: Okay… (they lean in. Melody smiles as IT’S RAINING MEN begins to play. Her eyes widen, she pulls away quickly.)
Gary: Are you alright?
Melody: (beat) I don’t know!
Gary: You know, I’m not sure I want this--
Melody: OH you’re not sure?!?
Gary: I think I should leave..
Melody: I think you should come ou-- Yes. Please, feel free to leave.
Gary: I’m sorry. Goodbye… (he quickly exits as Ben enters. Ben watches him leave.)
Ben: What was wrong with that one?
Melody: Oh, you do not want to know.
Ben: Oh! It was the song! Tell me what song it was.
Melody: No!
Ben: Come on, we’ve come this far together. (she shakes her head.) Really? That bad? (She nods.) Come out with it!
Melody: (she cracks up) It’s raining men! That’s the song!!
Ben: Wow! I have no idea what to say.
Melody: Me either. Ugh, this day has been such a disaster. (She looks at her watch, takes a minute, then laughs to herself.) I have to go. I’ve spent way too much time on this.
Ben: (they both stand up) Well, It was nice meeting you.
Melody: (gathering her things) yeah. Same to you. (beat) I better be going.
Ben: Good luck. With… your songs.
Melody: Thanks, I think I’ll need it after today. (begins to leave) Bye!
Ben: Bye! (he watches her walk for a few seconds, then takes a deep breath) Wait!
Melody: (turning around) Yes?
Ben: Why don’t you.. I mean, can I try?
Melody: You mean, you think… you believe me.
Ben: Yeah. And I… (he begins to walk towards her) I think maybe (he reaches her) Would it be alright?
Melody: I’ve got nothing to lose. Go for it.
Ben: (takes a second. He dips her and the perfect song begins playing. She smiles and her eyes are closed) So… how is it?
Melody: What?
Ben: The music. Do you like it?
Melody: Oh, I think I do.
(lights out!)

the kiss.

Created: Mar 11, 2010


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