the kitten stories (chapter 1, the dream)

By spin

the dream:

Bree is in her bed. Her plain, boring, wood framed bed that despite her being only 5 foot 3, was too small and unconforming for her curvy belly dancer body. The mattresses’ have holes in them where the bed springs try to poke through the poor excuse for foam padding at her. In doing so they are adding to her already existent back problems that she’s had since she was a little kid.

*Slowly she sat up taking special care not to strain her lower back. Reached over the edge of her bed to the pile of clothes on her floor and got dressed in her short baby blue shirt that only reached to the bottom of her rib cage, and back jeans with lots of pockets and lime green seems that made them look like they belonged in a hot topic. Glancing at the ceiling above her mirror, she noticed a smokey black shadow that looked as if it were hanging by threds from the ceiling, but thinking nothing of it, she chose to ignore it.*

After walking the short distance to her little children sized mirror, she looked in to check that she looked decent. Suddenly a chill ripped loose in her spine. the shock of what she saw shook her to her core. The reflection in the mirror had that long hair that looked so oddly familiar to bree. It was dyed a dark red, like she had, had it up untill december of her Jr. year. Back when she was trying to fit in.

*she flinches at the site in the mirror, and her hands rush up to her mouth to hold back a scream she manages to keep her voice to a low yell.*
BREE: "What the fuck!?"

*she steps away from the mirror and runs her fingers through her hair*

it felt the same short length hair she was now used to waking up to. A.k.a. anime like, boy short in the back with the semi bob look in the front, with teal pallets spread through out her scalp, balancing out her light brown hair with the teal peaking out from underneath like bright young children hiding behind their mothers.

*she goes back up to the mirror and lightly touches it.*

*in a calmer voice, but still strained*
BREE: "what the hell is going on?"

*the mirrors legs fall out of place at her gentle touch and the mirror falls to the right. On top of the pile of dirty clothes on her rug covered floor. Quickly she walks out of her room into the hall outside her door to face another door with tan lines on it from stickers that are no longer there.*

*she knocks on her sisters door right across the hall. She waits a few seconds but no answer.*

“Of course she isn't home, she's never home.”

Kirsten, her barbie doll body, perfect, drama crazed older sister isnt ever really home. In fact kirsten was at one time the druggy of the family. When Bree was in the 6th grade kirsten got sent away to a christian bording school because of her behaivier. After 9 months of being brain washed, her sister had changed. Kirsten wasn’t Bree’s sister anymore. She became more abusive to bree, exept, it wasn’t as drug induced. Yes the beatings still came but, hey, at least it wasn’t from the drugs right? Of course now not only is kirsten the pride of the family, but she also manages to hold down 2 jobs and still go to collage. And as proud of her sister as she is, she cant connect with her, and has grown to develope a deep set hatered for her. Infact, that’s one of the main reasons she cut off her long hair in the first place.

*quickly Bree continued down the L shaped hall poorly blanketed by a dark green carpet that goes into every room except hers, the bathrooms, and the kitchen. The floor boards underneeth groan under her 125 pound frame as she glides to her parent’s bathroom mirror*

the same girl from before is staring back at her through the glass of the mirror. the same dark red hair the same hair that had that same slight hint of purple in the sunlight. Bree, starting to get scared, nervously reached for her scalp.

* Again she runs her hands through her hair and finding it to be its normal shortness. She looks at her bangs and see's the teal in her hair that she needs to re-dye and quickly runs downstairs skipping stairs 2 at a time. Immediately she sees her mom is on the couch reading a romance novel, twirling her brown shoulder length hair in her fingers absently as she is making a blob of herself on the couch eating chips and sipping at a glass of red wine. the tv is on some random news chanel*

*sounding a little panic'd and out of breath*
BREE: "mom, how long is my hair? what color is it?"

*her dad walks in from the other room with his green bay jersey on, that brings out his thinning hairline and his semi-bulging stomach. he hears the question, and replies sounding monotone as he does so*
DAD: " your hair is as long as its always been dear, mid back"

MOM: " hun your hair is red, remember we dyed it again last week?"

*Bree starts grabbing random stuff out of her room and putting it in her purple shoulder sling style school bag as if she's going spending the night somewhere. quickly she runs outside to find her friend kogas car parked out front. And being the awesome smart sexy asian koga is she braught Bree an iced chai tea inside the cup holder closest to the dash.*

BREE: "koga? how long is my hair?"
KOGA: "uh, short and teal? Like I cut it for you again last week….."

*Bree slowly starts to feel better but is still really confused.*

"how come, every mirror i look in, my hair is the way it was 2+ years ago? how come my parents saw the long hair and koga didn't?"

*she thinks about telling koga but decides against it.*

as they pull up to Koga’s apartment Bree starts to open up to the way she loves being. random, hyper, happy and truly her bubbly intelligent self. and things continue as planned. koga went on her computer, and almost as quickly as they had arrived they soon left for griffith park for riff's staff class. It took them about a ½ hour by car to get there in kogas car, but seeing people spinning sticks around helped ease the stress from the drive. And seeing her staff teacher Riff made her become comfortable.

Then again Riff always had a vibe that made him comfortable to be around. All around good looking guy, who spins fire, and teaches staff . his short brown hair and well toned arms totally scream hottie and suit his personality nicely. He is as nice as he looks. Ever since he fist met bree, they clicked. Not romantic, but sibling like. They are totally like brother and sister, and completely act like it. Bree loves hanging out with him when they actually get the chance to talk they work on stuff. Its not always the easiest conversations for her, but talking to him is like getting the badly needed tharapy she has needed for a really long time.

While goofing around with riff and meeting other random spinners, bree learned to spin with the staff on the top of her wrist finally and started bouncing around happily. giggling almost uncontrollably, and contagously, with her real smile breaking through her sheilds to shine on those lucky enough to see it. Meanwhile dan and jon were standing off to the side observing and blankly spinning poi. bree has gotten really good at poi over the short amount of time she has been practicing it. the fact that its a sexy performance art makes it even better for her. And it’s simple too. Its a weight on each of the two lengths of cord spinning in all kinds of different patterns, directions and angles. And all the different patterns are based on circles.

dan and jon are known world wide for doing this. and they have picked up bree as a friend through this. Dan and his awesome dreds and tall well built frame is a great contrast for his jumpy, high energy, dancy style of spinning, where Jon and all of is technical and difficult movements suit his paper thin frame. But when you catch the two of them geeking out in a room together their styles harmonize in a way that only the two of them can. Bree has always admired them and looked up to them. And is very proud that these 3 teachers have taken her under their wing.

*still twirling her staff effortlessly, bree glides over to where dan and jon are spinning poi.*

*in a bubbly happy voice*
BREE: "hey guys how long does my hair look to you?"
DAN: "about mid back."
BREE: "thats weird."
JON: "what?"
BREE: "nothing i'm going to go spin staff with them. c-ya"

*koga and bree stayed the entire time and every one else left or was leaving, Riff had parked near where koga and bree had and so they were walking in the same direction*.

*in a bubbly sweet voice*
BREE: "hey riff? how long is my hair to you?"

* a little confused by her question he answered in a cautious voice*
RIFF: "short. why?"

*still bubbly sweet*
BREE: "no reason just curious."

"now thats even more odd. dan and jon saw long hair. as did my parents. but riff and koga saw me with short hair……… "

*slowly the panic sets in. riff, noticing the slight fear in her eyes speaks gently*

RIFF: "hey B, you okay?"
BREE: "yeah, just thinking."

*koga and bree get in kogas car, wave good bye to Riff and pull away.*

they were driving back to her apartment again, and on the way bree see’s the following on license plates:


those numbers seemed to occur so often in her life. her birthday being 4-13-92, riff being 37 years old and his birthday being on the 27th. and even "sue" being her middle name. but she just ignored them, slightly amused by their appearance one after the other. the entire way back from giffith it was raining. not quite a heavy rain, but, just hard enough to hear, enough to relax her. The rain always made her happy. Just the feeling of the water dripping from her hair and from every place it touched, taking all her stress into the ground with it as it fell from her skin.

bree was remembering that feeling as they were walking up the stairs to kogas apartment. Then in the neighboring apartment they saw and smelt cigarette smoke and alcohol and bree suddenly became enraged and so upset that out of nowhere she started to cry and yell and scream. koga had to take her hand, and cuddle in close to calm her down. while her mind was in chaos she looked at kogas door and there was another smokey black shadow over the doorway to the apartment. seeming as if it went past her door. ignoring it she went inside a cold chill started going up and down her spine as she passed by it. her head started feeling as if everything was spinning and felt such a negative vibe while she was outside it just took over.

as she started to breathe and relax her back starts to ach like it does after standing all day or dancing all night long. and so there she lay down flat and back on the floor to decompress her back, three kittens come cautiously twards her almost as if they arent walking, but gliding. one was green and white, another was orange and black, and the other was blue and purple. all about hte same size exept the orange and black one. that one had to be the runt of the litter with how much the other two picked on it. And all three looked mean and menacing. Like they were abused and pissed off. they all came to sit a distance away from her, just staring. but bree didnt seem to really mind. she was used to seeing them in her nightmares by now.

the shadow from the door drifts on the ceiling and floats over to the part above her head and sturns into a shy coal colored smoke. and as it twisted, swirled, spun, and expanded it turned into pictures on the ceiling.

the first thing it turned into is a moving picture of clouds, that looked like pink floating mountains, with people dancing at the top. the stars seeming to twirl in the purple sky with the dancers. But then the image blew away as fast as it had come giving room for another

this time it created a beautiful dark red rose that was slightly wilted. Then the petals blew away to give way to blue and green leaves and petals. the glass from the vase breaks away and the water from the glass vase flowed around the rose in two ends, looking like the trails of spiraling ribbon. the rose came down from the ceiling, into bree’s hand. it became real! the water flowed around her and swirled as if two spirits were floating around her, entrancing her. they finally land to the ground. and swirl into the floor, then everything pauses as each water trail turns to black smoke again and one hovers over her cell phone and the other at the door. first her phone goes off, its kyle, a txt message of course.

"bree, you need to realize that you are too naive to understand anything! you and i both know that no matter what or who you think is helping you its not going to change who you are. and who you have been your entire life. you don't listen, you are blind, hurtful, and hopeless. once your a cutter you are always a cutter. whether you are active at the time is the only variant. that is who you are, a pathetic little cutter who is too stupid to find out what it means to go through anything. you talk about being raped as if you are a cry baby and you aren't over it. bree it happened years ago. if it really happened to you you would be over it by now. you would have called the cops. or you would have fought back. miss ' 12 years of martial arts' why cant you defend yourself. i dont see a point in talking to a liar. and an easily manipulated person. thats why i wont talk to you anymore."

she froze. that txt message seemed to come out of nowhere and that hurt so badly. she felt her heart tearing out of place. she felt her anger rise and fall as she stared to realize he was right. when he new her she was always being manipulated. and her ex luke proved that. and so did kyle. Then again, kyle spent 3 years manipulating her and using her like a little emotional yo yo.

*she steps back from the phone. and the second she did that she heard a knock on the door.*

the shadow in-front of the door squirmed nervously as she collected herself, she wiped back the tears and opened the door. suddenly she found herself staring down the barrel of a black police issue hand gun. the gun looked oddly familiar. so did the hand, the dark butter scotch skin tone and the rock hard muscles that tenced underneeth. those deep brown eyes and long eye lashes……


RICKY:"i'm not scared to pull the trigger anymore, this time when you see me. will be the last time you see me"

she watched the muscles in his arms tense, his finger twitched.

the kitten stories (chapter 1, the dream)

Created: Mar 10, 2010


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