hitRECord The MUSICAL- RECording On The Job

By Light.Spark.Flame.

Let's face it, we all do it, and if we don't, we probably daydream about RECording on the job :) So here's a little diddy for the scene wherein one of our characters gets told off for On-The-Job-RECording... (compliments of my extreme boredom and too much GLEE)...

They say I'm underperforming
That's why they gave me a warning,
and told me I should try to concentrate
Guess they saw me on hitRECord,
and must've thought I was feeling bored
But this isn't Facebook,
no, this place is really great.

If only they knew
The joys of RECording-
an inspiring find,
a collaborative mind
it's truly rewarding!
They don't understand,
it's not that I'm lazy,
it's just that I'm filled
with imaginative thrills,
it's driving me crazy.

So whilst I wait for an email to come my way,
What's the harm in browsing my favourite page,
It's not as if there's much else I can do.
And a sneaky peak while a file's printing?
Oh look, more hits! My eyes are glinting!
It's not my fault my file is still "in queue."

But I must be stealth, lest I get caught...
Meeting with my bright red dot
They'd never understand the love we share
I know it's wrong to sneak and scheme
But all day long it's all I dream
No other site, could ever quite compare...

If only they'd try
to give it a chance-
for once just explore it,
I'm sure they'd adore it,
and then change their stance.
I wish just this once,
they be open minded-
those brokers of stocks,
should think outside the box,
and not be so blinded!

So please don't wrinkle your nose at me
hitRECord just makes me happy
So what if sometimes I procrastinate?
I'm still more productive than the rest
and what's the use in me getting stressed,
Instead I'd rather just collaborate
It feels soooooo greeaaaaaate.

hitRECord The MUSICAL- RECording On The Job

Created: Mar 10, 2010


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