Art is for... (RE: Collaboration text)

By Psalmist

A may be for “apple”, but it’s also for Art.




Art is seed from the Heart.

It’s no coincidence that “art” is in the word “heart”.

“Heart” is like “health” and “art” put together

as if to say that a healthy human is made up of much art.


Art keeps us

centered like a record on a record player,

a centrifugal force keeping us planted,

reading the ridden indentations

of our heartbeats – our art-beats —

all those songs inside our souls that play on repeat.


Art is the skin of the soul,

the skin of the spirit

more than blank white bed sheets will ever be.

If you had special glasses you could see

we walk around with all these masterpieces

on for phantom clothing all the time.

Reality is our catwalk, our stage.


Art makes the material of the movie screen

we cast our own lives on.

The sun and stars, the moon are lights from a projector

and Art is everything that it plashes our shadows upon;

the people; the streets.


“Art” are the people in the streets

(opinionated people, people who don’t know they have opinions),

more meaningful than any statuary.

We are animated, living, moving, fluxing figures.

They, you, I, we are the ever-changing, always evolving artwork.


Art builds around you.

It is the city you work in, the city underneath the city you see.

It is the smooth in your desk that reminds you of other smooth things;

that reminds you of not-smooth things, a-smooth things.

Art erects itself as buildings (or build-things) 

of inspiration you walk through,

unknowingly in love with every day.


Art is love.

Art is the romance that you have with first yourself

and then, as you mature, with the world beyond you,

the world that they, you and (with I) we give form to.


Art is for “a”. Art is for “apple”. Art is for “all”.





I wanted to try and capture all of the Collabs RegularJOE had Resourced to his "RE: Collaborations" RECord in one text. This was a first attempt at that. The image I used for this is InkedCanvas' "the last apple (5)" :)

Art is for... (RE: Collaboration text)

Created: Dec 08, 2011


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