Apple (poem)

By xabi99

You tasted the Apple forbidden to you,
What do you do now? What do you do?
This apple you've bitten,gives feelings of doubt,
Now temptation,has weakened belief so devout
You have been conditioned to think just one way,
But is it the right one ? I now hear you say,
Can the horizon be broadened? Or can you deny?
Forget what you tasted,forget,live a lie,
Your conscience you'll search now,which way will you turn,
Emotions in turmoil,for what do you yearn?
To turn back the clock? Before the bite,
Or open your mind,new perspectives to light,
Life is a barrel,apples,all different kinds,
If you never try one,you'll never find,
If yours is the right way,or best left behind,
The decision is yours,try another and see,
A different apple in the barrel, just might hold your key.

Apple (poem)

Created: Mar 08, 2010


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