Your heart and mine

By Shemily21

Wasted space
Wasted time
This useless heart of mine
I can make it beat
You can make it stop
But I can't get rid of it
No matter how hard I try
There are times when it feels so heavy
And times when I forget it's there
I feel it break
I feel it pound
I can feel when it's going to give out
It is a part of me
And even if I dont want it 
Even if I wish I could rip it out
It will not stop
It will not give up
For as long as I'm breathing
It's beating 
As long as I moving
It's beating
For as long as you're around
And my head's on your chest
It's beating
So maybe thats why 
You give your heart away
Because I've always liked your heart better than mine

Your heart and mine

Created: Dec 06, 2011


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