The Hidden You {Poem}

By silent_butterfly

He seemed to always be happy
Always smiling and laughing
His eyes,
Like a gateway,
So troubled,
And so distant,
They were shadowed and cold
As he went through life
He seemed happy but really he was sad.

His body was muscled and hard,
And perfectly shaped,
And as he passed me by,
He looked,
And quickly turned away
For I could see through his act
That I saw the flash in his eyes
And his plastered on fake smile
His eyes a dark brown
First sad, then cold

Then he moved away
With that abrupt way of his
Silently, never missing a beat
He moved
That strange man
Quiet, calm, troubled
Part real, part fake
Part neither - for I never knew for sure

The Hidden You {Poem}

Created: Mar 08, 2010


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