just lie to me

By fghtffyrdmns

just lie to me
when we first met, i told you i wanted honesty
but i’ve changed my mind
because the possibility of love has been crushed
maybe, once, i wanted love, but now, i see that the only way out is through lust
i know what you want and you know what i want
and what we want is not the same
or maybe it is, maybe it was, but it’s still just only a game
i know that you will leave in the morning
your side of the bed will be cold
you will go back to him as always and i’ll be back being alone
but, please, just let me know
i need to hear those words from your mouth to my ears
that you want me, that you need me
just lie to me

just lie to me

Created: Mar 08, 2010


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