My artistic life - for Gwen's collab.

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July 29, 1991: I am born, at 5:59 am.
(This is probably the only exact date I'll give in this entire RECord because I am terrible at remembering when things happened, haha).
The first few years of my life weren't very creative. I slept. I burped. I hung out in my Johnny Jumper. I learned how to walk. Typical baby stuff.
That changed when I got a watercolor paint set for Christmas one year (approx. age 4 or 5. I told you I was terrible!). With the discovery of watercolors, my creative bones began to grow.
I don't remember much else about my younger childhood, but I do know that I began to pick up other tools along the way. Crayons, markers and (my favorite) colored pencils. Instruments. Acrylic paints. Glue.
It wasn't until age 9 (and I remember this quite well) that I discovered what is now my first love: a camera. While on vacation with my dad and sister, I began borrowing my dad's camera to document EVERYTHING about our trip. Everything from what we cooked at the campsite, to the different places that we visited, to even random trees, flowers, and animals. In a sense, I went crazy. I ended up having to offload the photos nearly every day to make room for more. This continued on all of our vacations.
When I moved back to Michigan in seventh grade was when my love for photography really started to pick up. In eigth grade, my dad gave me his old camera, as he had upgraded. It was just a little Olympus (who I now call Geraldo), but I loved it and shot with it at any free moment, playing with different settings and editing tools.
A few years later, in tenth grade, I signed up for my first photo class. With film cameras long abandoned by my family (we're high tech people, yo!) I had to buy a new 35mm camera for the class. I ended up with a 35mm Canon Rebel, the film version of a camera that my dad had recently upgraded to. I learned all of the darkroom processes, shot more rolls of film than I could count, and spent most of my free time developing. That same year, my dad gave me his Canon Rebel DSLR "to borrow." Of course, I ended up keeping it, and named it Alberto.
Steady progress continued through the end of tenth grade and through eleventh grade. My senior year of high school, I won two awards for my photographs and even got to have a display of my work in the school's showcase.
Things took a turn for the worse last fall (the night before my first semester of college began, to be more specific) when my dearest Alberto was stolen. I was in a creative funk for months and didn't take pictures with any of my other cameras. Then, last November, I joined hitRECord and my inspiration came back. I began shooting on film and with my Olympus again, and at the beginning of February I was finally able to get a new DSLR - my Canon 50D, Alberto the Second.
Without this turning into even more of a novel, that is my creative history in a nutshell.

Created: Mar 08, 2010


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