On Friendship and Fidelity- Narrator

By Light.Spark.Flame.

This is from a short film I wrote and directed two years back titled, On Friendship and Fidelity. Originally it had this narration interspersed throughout the different scenes and such, but my editor and I decided to leave it in the cutting room as it proved rather superfluous- turns out the actors did such a wonderful job that they pretty much said it all....

Anyways, just thought I would post it as a resource in case anyone found it poignant/useful/inspiring/etc...

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"There is little to warn men that
they are falling in love, and
even less that can be done to
stop it.

For love is born as innocent and
as fragile as a babe, and being
henceforth nurtured finds for
itself a means to grow wiser and

And being sometimes mischievous
like a child, love does not wait
for men to be prepared, before
throwing itself unto
unsuspecting hearts like fuel
unto an open flame.

And being only mortal, there is
little men can do to put out the
fire that is sure to follow.

This is how men befriend love,
enjoying its company, humoring
its whims, and vainly hoping to
one day yield some small control
over its artful persuasion.

Young hearts proclaim with ill
earned confidence that 'love
will conquer all.'

But wise men long tortured by
love warn prudently that love
cannot reign victorious if love
is that which must fall.

And being so wickedly judged by
his own kind, and so wrongly
accused by men equally bound by
their own infidelities, it seems
eternally cruel that man's
greatest plight, should be to
love one woman by day and
another by night. "

On Friendship and Fidelity- Narrator

Created: Mar 07, 2010


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