A Hiccup of Imagination

By kyleparker

It’s a dream.

A hiccup of imagination,

Where I am with you-

in a realm where my love is real


you’re mine


everything is perfect in such a way

that no one

would ever dare

take you from me.


I dreamt of you

And me

     In a most glorious of fantasies.


You were wrapped

     In sheets of wonder

And I floated above your head,

     Our noses occasionally touching.

I couldn’t take my eyes off you.

Your smile,

I could literally feel my soul begin to warm and rush,

As I slept.


I asked you,

     “Is this real

          or is this a dream?”


You grabbed me close,

Pulling me down into you.

     “This is real.”


We kissed

And held each other,

Contorting our bodies

Into a flow or air;

     Tiny breathes---

          ---I held both---

     Yours and mine---

          ---in my hand...


I awoke to realize it was all a lie,

nothing but a dream.


I hope to revisit that dream soon.




A Hiccup of Imagination

Created: Nov 30, 2011


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