My Sun And Stars

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When my Sun and Stars are gone, all that is left is the black. Empty and vast, it stretches out far past My eyesight and further than the horizon can hold. With no light in My world I am forced to adapt once more, the cool robe of night slipping over my shoulders like a beaten old coat, one that I hoped I would never have to wear again.

But here I am regardless, alone in the darkness, echoes and sounds disoriented and strange. Tastes are either sharp and stinging or dull and lifeless, food not withholding any of its worth. Smells are null, if not for a slight breeze sifting through this space there would be none to speak of. As for Touch and feeling, there are few of which to tell. The cold is always near, never far out of reach as it waits to seep into My skin. Hollowness gapes inside, void and as dark as the world around Me. But the strongest of sensations is the lack there of- The all encompassing numbness that threatens to overwhelm Me.

Sight. That is the cruelest of jokes- the sickest perversion that the empty night plays on me. What use is there to see in the black? What is there left to look on? The only use for eyes in this cavernous place is to remind Me of what is not here. To stab icy fingers into My heart and twist at every stray thought of what was lost.

I once thought this world would be all that I would be allowed to know- All that I could know. But I was shown wrong. I was given stars to guide by and a sun to follow, but they were just fleeting twinklings and bursts of flame. False faces of light that was never mine to have. A flash of a bright paradise that was not for me.

No, I was always meant to belong to the black. I know it’s true face, as it knows mine. It lends me its strength and helps me to live and walk were people do not dare- do not want to dare. It welcomes me as a friend, enveloping me completely and easing my pain. That which it can’t take away it numbs, or echoes, or empties, or blots out. The darkness overwhelms me-

And I let it.

Created: Mar 07, 2010


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