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Life is interesting sometimes

By jestferlaffs

They say that life is short, I guess that’s true but you know I guess we have to take what we get and run with it, everyone deals with their shit is different ways, some wallow in self pity, some people turn the other cheek, some people just stop doing anything and let life pass them by.

Personally I don’t know what I will do or how I will go, I have been sparred that little bit of information and for that I am grateful.

We have a friend, a beautiful, lovely, warm, smiling woman, we love her dearly, she is married to one of our good friends and we love him dearly as well.

On Saturday night last week we attended a fund raiser and our friends were there, in fact the fundraiser was for the beautiful, lovely, warm, smiling woman.

You see she is in stage four of a cancer fight that has certainly not been very kind to her. I will not go into details, suffice to say she knows the outcome of her situation.

She wandered around this fundraiser like the angel she is, smiling with people, hugging gently (her bones are quite brittle now) talking to people and just being who she is, she amazed us with her approach to this situation,

I would consider this a wake of epic proportions, although it was not called a wake, I think she garnered an incredible amount of positive influence and love that night.

Naomi had difficulty sleeping that night, she tossed and turned and found herself thinking about our friend all night to the point of getting up in the morning and immediately going to the computer to offer our support, such as it is.

Naomi needed to get her love off her chest and down in writing, we were planning a dinner at some point this past spring before the shit hit the fan.

Our friend came back to us with the most amazing email, her email back to us said (paraphrasing here) Thank you guys so much for coming out on Saturday night, it was so good to see you I am sorry that I didn’t have more time to actually visit with you, we really need to get together probably sooner rather than later.

We were flabbergasted. Here she was making us feel good and showing us the love. I don’t know why I felt compelled to write this today and submit it but there are times in our lives when we just have to look around at all the people we have known and recognize what an impact they have had on our lives, but as well look at your friends and understand what an impact you have had on their lives.

We may not get the chance to get together with our friends, she has surgery tomorrow to remove a tumor on her arm and have a piece of metal inserted into her shoulder to provide support for the arm and she doesn’t know how she will feel for this weekend….

That’s my story my friends, I really don’t know how to end this, what do you call this, an expulsion of information rattling around in my brain, my god the woman is only in her very early fortys… Matthew

Life is interesting sometimes

Created: Nov 22, 2011


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