By jesterlady

I’m craving words. 


Words looped around and dotted and crossed.  Words flowing and ceasing and rhyming and completing.  Words that have no meaning and words with many meanings.  Words that have adapted and evolved and changed and words that will always stubbornly remain the same.  Words that swell up like music in a crescendo of ink and paper and words that remain quietly in the back of your mind, knowing their right time.  Words that come easily and words that lurk on the edges of your knowledge.  Words so long that the dictionary cannot contain them and words so short you blink and miss them entirely.  Words that are not themselves and you fill in the blanks or words that fill in the blanks in your mind.  Words that are written, words that are spoken, words that are seen and words that remain locked away. 


There are many words and they are used differently.  Some will hurt and some will soothe.  Some will complain and some will say thanks.  Some will direct and some will comply.  Some will possess and some will give up.  Some will know and some will be ignorant. 


Either way, the words are themselves and the words are for everyone.  The words do not judge, the words are a tool.  The words are semi-sentient, but they await the final placement of their being.  They are the willing slaves of the understanding mind and bow to the limits of creativity.  Imagination gives them wings and boundaries give them power.  We are our words and our words are who we are. 


When you know what your words are, you will know who you are.  You will be able to wield them with the care and skill they deserve and win your own place in the pantheon of written lives.  The stories you bring forth from your words will be your own life though they have never lived before. 


Think long and well before you give up on your words.  They are the jewels of the mind and the fuel of the spirit and the impetus to connection.  No matter where you roam, the words will follow you, patient and secure.  Sometimes they will rattle around teasingly, making you hunt and peck.  At other times they will burst forth in a torrent of verbosity.  Sometimes they slip out quietly, almost of their own volition.  Never underestimate your words.  Never overestimate them either.  They are to be kept balanced, poised on the verge of the ever slippery written slope.  They may help you and they may not.  You are the final keeper of your own words. 


Created: Nov 20, 2011


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