Fairy Attic

By sara_nia

By candle and cobweb she lures the bats
And tames them in her northern palace
If she had a castle she would paint it powder blue
With glitter on the doors and window frames
To keep the evil out.
And as the snow came tumbling
All around she’d here the chiming
Bluebells break the stillness of
The icy dawn.

Her lullaby melodies sit on the air
Like ribbons.
All of the crystals and butterflies making kaleidoscopes
in her head.
She has a starfish in a jar
Feathers in her lashes
A milk moth neverland
Little owls and faces in the rocks
Little magic mouth on the acorn moon
And the fairy goblet and the star in her tiny hand
Shine with twinkling dust from the attic.
Her gossamer secret.
The woodsy smell of
Patchouli, of lavender and cypress, cedarwood and sandalwood,
Neroli, tea tree and violet fills
her nostrils.

This is where she lives.
Dreams, sings, sleeps.
And takes care of the little animals.

Fairy Attic

Created: Mar 05, 2010

Tags: magic, cobweb, narnia, neverland, glitter, dust, moon, candle, crystals, butteflies, faery, attic

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